It’s been some time now since we’ve heard from our sketchbooks. Last we heard was back in March, The Traveler was in Colorado, The Nomad was in Canada and The Wanderer was in Vermont and that’s all we know. Perhaps they have moved on and just haven’t written home, or maybe they are kicking back enjoying their stay somewhere. Maybe they all got jobs and started families… who knows?

Well, if anyone does know, let us know! We miss hearing from those three and seeing what they’ve been gathering!

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We’ve gotten word on all of the sketchbooks! They are all coming along nicely and still on the move.

The Traveler has moved from Boulder, CO to Colorado Springs, CO! If I was in Colorado I wouldn’t wanna leave either. Thanks for letting us know you’ve got our traveling bud Ani! Hope to see some of the art you’ve added soon!

A while back we had said that we would sent The Nomad to the first person to say they wanted it. We got a bunch of responses and Stefanie from London Ontario, Canada was the lucky lady to receive the sketchbook. That makes the Nomad the first of our sketchbooks to go international, like a true nomad, calling no country home, a denizen of the planet earth.

The Wanderer spent some time relaxing beside the ocean in Newport, RI and since then has taken to the forests of Vermont. Rumor has it, that the current keepers of the Wanderer also run an art gallery in Newport, surely the Wanderer is in for a treat.

That’s all we’ve got for now, hopefully we’ll see some new photos added soon!

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See what I did there?

We’ve gotten some reports on the where-abouts of the sketchbooks. So without further ado…

The Wanderer has been here and there, and as of now, there is Newport, RI with a Ms. Daryl Ward. The Wanderer will surely enjoying the scenery from the cliff walk and the aesthetics of the town.

The Traveler has been doing just as it’s name implies. Last we heard that The Traveler was in Rio Vista, CA staying with Koishii. We’ve been told that from there The Traveler went on to stay with Brandi of Texas (I’m sure she isn’t the ONLY Brandi of Texas but that’s all we know here. Besides, since she’s spent time with The Traveler, she’s probably the best Brandi in Texas).

After The Traveler’s stay in Texas the way was made to the great city of Denver, Colorado to stay with Rosalie, who was nice enough to email us and let us know The Traveler was safe and sound in her hands!

And The Nomad, well, he’s been staying around the Roaming Art headquarters for a bit too long now. A while back we made a post that we were looking for someone to send him to but some set backs meant we couldn’t act on that right away. But now we’re getting The Nomad back on track and I’ll be emailing/attempting to contact those who replied to the WHO’S NEXT??? post, to find out if anyone is still looking to get in on some roaming arts.

We also have a new smaller sketchbook that we’d like to start soon, emphasizing speed. Quick sketches, rough ideas, short spurts of consciousness, stuff like that. It’ll be physically smaller and with less pages to try and make it’s roaming quicker from start to finish, but we don’t have a name yet… any suggestions? If we use the name you suggest, we’ll send it to you first!

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With the brand new info re: the Nomad’s safe and happy return, you all know what that means!!!

The Nomad is ready to get back on the road.  Whoever convinces me to share it with them will win me sharing it with them.  Get it?  Just ask for the book and you can have it!!! Hurry hurry before someone else that isn’t you claims it!

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The Nomad - Becky Holmes - Boston, MA

The Nomad - Becky Holmes - Boston, MA



And, finally, we have some news regarding the Nomad!

Becky Holmes, of Flight of the Conchords fame (she painted the portrait of Bret with an eyepatch that you can see hanging up in their apartment), has officially returned the book.  5 months after receiving it.  That’s right folks, she held on to it for a whopping 25 times the maximum amount of time we so politely asked her to keep it for.  So she’s hereby had an official Roaming Art ® restraining order applied to her, effective immediately.

SO, what that means to you-

If anyone finds her within 50 feet of said sketchbook, terminate on sight!

We are kidding of course, but we are relatively serious about holding on to the book too long.  We only have 3 books in circulation right now, so if we are going to be able to get them around to as many people as possible, you have to pass it on as soon as possibleeeeeeeee!!!!!!

So you must be wondering what medium took so long to use?  It’s actually a water color.  Fun!

heres the flickr link to the pic: (or just click on the pic)

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In the past month the Traveler has made some big moves, while the Nomad and Wanderer pop around the north east.

The Traveler stayed with Koishii in CA for a while then took off for to stay with another talented artist BladeEdgeRave.  You can see Koishii’s pages in our Flickr stream to the right and we hope to see some images from BladeEdge soon!

The Wanderer has gotten a dose of style from Norwalk, CT artist and designer Mike Alcutt and is now ready to move, but where? Right now the Wanderer is hanging around Roaming Art HQ and we’ll be sending it out soon. Mike’s pages can also be found in the Flickr group pool to the right.

The Nomad is on it’s way back to base after a stay in Boston, MA. That means we’ll have two books to distribute to artists that have shown interest in this project.

Not to mention the new book that’s in the works, this one is smaller than the original three. It’s been purchased, and now we’re just finalizing a theme and a name, any suggestions?

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So you’ve heard about Roaming Art and the traveling sketchbooks, you’ve seen pictures, checked out the site and have seen us on facebook, flickr and deviant art. Now you’re wondering “How can I get involved, what do I need to do to participate?”. While Dan and I don’t control who gets a book after it’s left our hands, we can help people that have gotten a book figure out who to pass it to.

In this post I’d like to give some suggestions on what people can do to increase their chance of getting a book. Starting with just showing your interest in the project.

Make Your Presence Known

The first thing to do is just make it known that you’d like to add your art to a book! The best way to do this is to comment here on the site (this post is a good place to start) and watch the site for updates. If we see someone actively taking interest in the project we’ll turn to them when the time comes to move a book, or start a new one.

Tell Your Friends

Another way to get involved with the project is to share the idea. Roaming Art is already about sharing ideas and promoting a sense of unity within an art project with artists of all styles and skills. So tell your friends, link to us in your blog and get the word out. Be sure to send us a link if you ever blog or link to us, we’ll try to do something nice for you in return!

Join Us Around the Web

If you have an account on facebook or flickr, you can make your presence known there aswell. You can join our facebook group or our flickr group, be sure to make some noise there too with some comments and discussion. Right now on faebook we’re asking people for theme ideas for new books.

By showing us your interested and helping spread the idea we’ll be able to grow the project and we’ll do our best to get a book to as many people that we can!

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The Traveler, having roamed around on the east coast a bit, decided it wanted to see what the other side of the country was like. So after staying with Chris and Mike in Norwalk, CT and then Dan in New York City, The Traveler got a ticket and took to the skies. A few days later arriving at the home of Koishii a talented artist in Rio Vista, CA.

Have a good time in Cali, Traveler!

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Above all, what we’re trying to do here is promote a sense of community within an art project and so we’re certainly going to make our presence known in other communities on the web. With this in mind we have our own Facebook group where participants and those interested in the project can show off pictures of their pages, post their ideas for the project and connect with each other.

If you’d like to get your hands on one of the books and contribute, the group is a great way to make your presence known. And for people with a book that arn’t too sure who to pass it on to, checking out this site aswell as the facebook group is a good way to find someone who wants to participate!

So whether you’ve had a book already, wants to get your hands on one, or just think it’s a cool idea, check us out on Facebook and join our group! We’ll be posting new images and information there as well as here!

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Soooooo the Nomad book is officially departed and on its way around.

right now its in Boston after a quick (very long) stop in NYC. the wanderer is now in NYC, but is set to head back to ct this weekend, for those keeping score.

pretty soon we are going to have a perfectly working map so that you can see in Panasonic color all the stops the book has made, which will be both cool and fun.

i dont know what the definition of panasonic color would be but i bet that last sentence is still accurate.

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