So you’ve heard about Roaming Art and the traveling sketchbooks, you’ve seen pictures, checked out the site and have seen us on facebook, flickr and deviant art. Now you’re wondering “How can I get involved, what do I need to do to participate?”. While Dan and I don’t control who gets a book after it’s left our hands, we can help people that have gotten a book figure out who to pass it to.

In this post I’d like to give some suggestions on what people can do to increase their chance of getting a book. Starting with just showing your interest in the project.

Make Your Presence Known

The first thing to do is just make it known that you’d like to add your art to a book! The best way to do this is to comment here on the site (this post is a good place to start) and watch the site for updates. If we see someone actively taking interest in the project we’ll turn to them when the time comes to move a book, or start a new one.

Tell Your Friends

Another way to get involved with the project is to share the idea. Roaming Art is already about sharing ideas and promoting a sense of unity within an art project with artists of all styles and skills. So tell your friends, link to us in your blog and get the word out. Be sure to send us a link if you ever blog or link to us, we’ll try to do something nice for you in return!

Join Us Around the Web

If you have an account on facebook or flickr, you can make your presence known there aswell. You can join our facebook group or our flickr group, be sure to make some noise there too with some comments and discussion. Right now on faebook we’re asking people for theme ideas for new books.

By showing us your interested and helping spread the idea we’ll be able to grow the project and we’ll do our best to get a book to as many people that we can!

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5 Responses to “How to get involved”

  1. Akydactyl Says:

    So I am really, really interested in this roaming art sketchbook. It has perked my interest and I’d love to add my flare to the book. Drawing in sketchbooks has always been a fun thing to do for me.
    So what should I do next? Find someone who has it and contact them about it? I’d really, really like to add my art to one of them. I’m located in Illinois if that is needed. I just don’t what to do from showing my interest on this post.

  2. Raven Blood Says:

    I’m really into this idea! very interesting! I’d really like to be a part of it, it’s an amazing idea.
    I’m not completely sure how to do this sorry. This sounds like a lot of fun and a chance to see different artist art first hand.
    I don’t know, I’d really like to do this.
    oh and I linked you- http://raven-blood-13.deviantart.com/journal/

  3. TasBlue Says:

    This sounds amazing, i’d love to put my mark on something like this. But there something I need to know, would you be able to send a sketchbook to the UK? Please post on my deviantart page an answer.

  4. Chris Stevens Says:

    Raven Blood – Thank you very much for writing about us = ). Since the movement of a books is determined by the artist that passes it, no one really knows where it’ll end up. But by just commenting here and showing your interest while providing a means to contact you (like the link to your DA page) you’ve shown that you’re looking to get a book. So for instance, if an artist that has a book is ready to pass it, but doesn’t know who to pass it to, they can check here to see all those looking to get it, they can then contact you to arrange the exchange. = )

    TasBlue – It’s awesome to see people from outside the US wanting to get involved! For the books currently in circulation we’ve kinda ‘recommended’ that they stay in the US (for postage reasons, but like always we’re not in control of where they go, that’s up to those that get them) but we certainly intent to have books that are intended for international travel (for instance soon we’ll be releasing a smaller sketchbook that would be perfect for a hop across the pond). Maybe we’ll start it off with a trip to you = )

  5. KopyKat13 Says:

    hey Notebook Peeps! uhh… oh! I’m real interested in the traveling sketchbooks! if you guys give me the go-ahead, and send the notebook to me, I would LOVE to add my oddball flavors to it! I am in your Facebook group, and am also on deviantart.com as well, under the alias of EclipseOfMidnight! so drop me a line whenever possible. I live in Virginia Beach if that’s any good help… and what do you mean by Mail? like my snail-mail? I’ll get it to you if that’s what you need.

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