The Nomad - Becky Holmes - Boston, MA

The Nomad - Becky Holmes - Boston, MA



And, finally, we have some news regarding the Nomad!

Becky Holmes, of Flight of the Conchords fame (she painted the portrait of Bret with an eyepatch that you can see hanging up in their apartment), has officially returned the book.  5 months after receiving it.  That’s right folks, she held on to it for a whopping 25 times the maximum amount of time we so politely asked her to keep it for.  So she’s hereby had an official Roaming Art ® restraining order applied to her, effective immediately.

SO, what that means to you-

If anyone finds her within 50 feet of said sketchbook, terminate on sight!

We are kidding of course, but we are relatively serious about holding on to the book too long.  We only have 3 books in circulation right now, so if we are going to be able to get them around to as many people as possible, you have to pass it on as soon as possibleeeeeeeee!!!!!!

So you must be wondering what medium took so long to use?  It’s actually a water color.  Fun!

heres the flickr link to the pic: http://www.flickr.com/photos/37822530@N02/3796629398/in/photostream/ (or just click on the pic)

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