With the brand new info re: the Nomad’s safe and happy return, you all know what that means!!!

The Nomad is ready to get back on the road.  Whoever convinces me to share it with them will win me sharing it with them.  Get it?  Just ask for the book and you can have it!!! Hurry hurry before someone else that isn’t you claims it!

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4 Responses to “WHO’S NEXT???”

  1. Stefanie Addy Says:

    Hey! Is it possible to have the sketchbook sent my way?
    What would I have to do? How will you know where to send it?
    I don’t care which book it is, anyone is fine!

  2. Dan Says:


    Cool stuff you have up at deviant art!

    Send an email to dan@roamingart.com, just mention who you are (if stefanie addy is some mysterious pseudonym and has nothing to do with your email) and include what city you are in. Further talks there. In seeeeeeecret.

  3. Raven Blood Says:

    aw, bet I missed it, oh well XD luckily i’m good at waiting.

  4. KopyKat13 Says:

    Would I also comment here if I’m interested? Hi I commented on a much earlier post… uhh.. do I send an e-mail to you the same way? would it seem pretentious if I did it now? or is permission also nice….
    (if it’s not too obvious, I haven’t done these kinds of things before…)

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